Transport Management Module !

The aim of a University Transport Management System (UTMS) is to efficiently and effectively manage transportation services within a university campus or institution. This system is specifically tailored to address the unique transportation needs of a university environment.

GNUMS Transport Module

Module Features

It includes various features like Vehicle Setup & Scheduled Maintenance Alerts, Vehicle Entry-Exit Tracking, Driver Management, Passenger Enrollment & Endorsement, Route Planning & Optimization, Autonomus Route & Vehicle Allocation & many more..

  • Vehicle Setup & Scheduled Maintenance

    This feature ensures that vehicles are set up correctly, receive scheduled maintenance, and are continuously monitored for optimal performance, contributing to the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of the fleet.

  • Vehicle In-Out Monitoring

    This feature is designed to track and manage the movement of vehicles as they enter and exit university campus. It offers control over vehicle access, ensuring security & providing accurate records of vehicle movements.

  • Driver

    This feature is designed to effectively oversee and optimize all aspects of a vehicle's driver operations. It encompasses driver profiles, scheduling, performance tracking, compliance, safety, training, and communication.

  • Passenger Enrollment & Endorsement

    This feature is designed to efficiently manage the process of enrolling passengers into a transportation system and obtaining necessary approvals or endorsements for their participation.

  • Route Planning & Optimization

    This feature enables efficient and effective route management for a transportation operation. It focuses on planning optimal routes, minimizing costs and maximizing resource utilization.

  • Autonomous Route & Vehcile Allocation

    This feature is like a smart helper for managing vehicles that can plan the best routes & assign the right vehicles to those routes all by itself without needing constant manual adjustments.

  • Passenger-Driven Adjustments

    This feature is designed to allows passengers to request adjustments like changing their boarding point, altering the route they will take, or adjusting their travel shift.

  • Pickup Point wise Fare Adjustments

    This feature allows system to dynamically adjust fare prices based on the specific pickup points chosen by passengers & ensuring that fare calculations accurately reflect the distance traveled or the complexity of the route.

  • Fees Collection & Management

    This feature handles the efficient collection, tracking & management of various fees associated with transportation services.

  • Vehicle Requisition Management

    This feature is designed to streamline the process of requesting, allocating, and tracking the use of vehicles within an organization.

  • Notifications &

    Automated notifications & alerts to passengers & administration for events like registration, fee payment, applying for vehicle requisition, approval/rejection of vehicle requisition, etc.

  • Reports &

    It gives managers detailed insights and data-driven information on all elements of transport operations. This feature offers data visualisation, reporting, and analysis.

Transport Management Module Process Flow

It begins with setting up vehicles, followed by passenger registration, route planning & mangement, fee payment, vehicle allocation, and lastly daily operations such as shift/boarding-point change, requisition management, and vehicle in/out monitoring.

  • 1

    Configuration & Setup

    It includes configuration of vehicles, shifts, boarding points, drivers, vehicle wise driver, etc..

  • 2

    Passenger Registration

    Passenger submit a request for accommodating transport facility by providing information such as contact information, residential information, and so on.

  • 3

    Fees Payment

    Passengers must then pay fees online or offline, as appropriate, in order to continue their transportation facility.

  • 4

    Route Planning & Allocation

    Passengers may submit an application for availing transport facilty based on their preference of boarding point, and the administration provides the appropriate route to them.

  • 5

    Passenger-Driven Adjustments

    Passengers can apply a request for Duplicate Buss Pass, Shift Change Or Boarding Point Change.