Student Management with Student Panel Module !

Elevate Your Educational Journey with Student Management's Student Panel Module: Your Key to Success, Seamless Communication, and Academic Excellence!

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

Features that Fuel Success: Elevate Your Journey with Student Panel Module.

  • Personalized Student Dashboard

    Stay Organized and Informed: Access a Tailored Student Hub for Enhanced Productivity and Engagement.

  • Profile Editing by Students

    User-Friendly Profile Customization: Let Students Personalize Their Experience.

  • Timetable and Attendance Management

    The Timetable and Attendance provides a convenient way for students to view their course schedules and track their attendance records. Students can easily view their attendance records for the entire semester.

  • Internal Quality Assurance

    The Internal Quality Assurance is a system that allows to give and receive feedback in a secure and structured way. It also provides a platform to discuss feedback, and analyze the results of the feedback.

  • Examination Management

    Access results, mark sheets, rechecking info, old papers, and pay exam fees in the Student Panel's Examination Module - your all-in-one solution for exams.

  • Placement

    Stay updated on upcoming jobs, track applied positions, and access past job listings. Register with companies, upload resumes, receive placement notifications, and accept or deny job offers.

  • Convocation Management

    Easy registration, attendance selection, and information confirmation for upcoming convocations. Access and confirm personal details. Add career information seamlessly.

  • Elective Registartion

    Elective registration allows students to personalize their academic journey by selecting elective courses within their program.

  • Online Fee Payment

    Student can pay online fees for Academic,Hostel and Other fees with Fee Receipt download option from student portal, and also all Fee History of student will be shown.

  • Grievance Redressal

    Your Voice Matters: Swift Solutions for Student Concerns. Empowering Student Voices, Ensuring Prompt Resolutions. Student-Centric Support, Resolving Issues with Speed and Care.

  • Event Management

    Student Panel offers a streamlined interface for registering, managing, and participating in academic and extracurricular activities, facilitating seamless engagement and enhancing the overall educational experience.