Staff Management with Staff Panel Module !

Empower Your Institution with Dynamic Staff Management: Navigate Efficiency and Collaboration Seamlessly through the Empowering Staff Panel, Unleashing Organizational Excellence for Academic Success.

GNUMS Staff Management with Staff Panel Module

Module Features

Navigating Excellence: Empower Operations with our Dynamic Staff Management and Collaborative Staff Panel.

  • Staff (Internal & External) Profile

    Profiles that Empower: Unveil the Strength of Your Team, Both Within and Beyond, with Comprehensive Staff Profile Management.

  • Profile % & Pending Profile Analysis

    Insights Refined: Navigate Profile Percentages and Pending Profiles with Analytical Precision.

  • Staff Statistics for AICTE, NIRF, UGC

    Elevating Excellence: Unveiling Staff Statistics Aligned with AICTE, NIRF, and UGC Standards.

  • Staff I-Card Generation

    ID Card Mastery: Effortlessly Manage Staff Identification with Finesse Through Our Innovative System.

  • Staff Data Filter & Export Facility

    Empower Your Insights: Seamlessly Filter and Export Staff Data for Informed Decision-Making.

  • Staff Panel

    Efficiency at Your Fingertips: Navigate Success through the Empowering Staff Panel.

Staff Management with Staff Pane Module Process Flow

Mastering Excellence: Navigating Staff Management with Precision through the Empowering Staff Panel Module Process Flow.

  • 1

    Staff Profiles Creation

    Enter and manage comprehensive staff information including roles and designations.

  • 2

    Internal & External Segmentation

    Categorize staff members as internal (faculty, employees) or external (guest lecturers, consultants).

  • 3

    Profile Completion Tracking

    Monitor profile completion progress to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

  • 4

    AICTE, NIRF, UGC Compliance

    Align staff profiles and data with AICTE, NIRF, and UGC reporting standards.

  • 5

    Profile Percentage Insights

    Gain insights into profile completion percentages for strategic decision-making.

  • 6

    Integrated Communication

    Foster communication through the Staff Panel, enhancing connectivity and engagement.