Placement Management Module !

A dynamic solution meticulously designed to revolutionize placement processes. Seamlessly post, track, and manage job openings. Effortlessly schedule interviews, automate offer management, and provide real-time status updates. Elevate placement experiences with our innovative, user-friendly interface, fostering success for students and organizations alike.

GNUMS Placement Module

Module Features

Empowering Your Placement Success with Advanced Features

  • Industry Type & Recruiter Type

    Tailored matches: Customize opportunities by filtering industry and recruiter types, ensuring precise alignment between students and employers.

  • Recruiters

    Seamless engagement: Empower recruiters with streamlined processes for posting, tracking, and managing placements, enhancing their talent acquisition journey.

  • On/Off Campus Drive Management

    Effortlessly coordinate and oversee both on and off-campus recruitment drives, ensuring seamless organization and successful student placements.

  • Job Creation

    Effortlessly craft and publish job listings, empowering recruiters to showcase opportunities efficiently while enhancing student access to diverse placements.

  • Roles & Criteria

    Tailor placement roles and eligibility criteria to match specific student skills, streamlining successful connections between candidates and employers

  • Intimation to Students

    Instantly notify candidates about placement updates, interviews, and offers, ensuring timely communication for a seamless placement experience.

  • Student Registration

    Empower students to easily enroll for placements, ensuring a user-friendly process that kickstarts their journey towards career opportunities.

  • Verification & Shortlisting

    Efficiently validate student profiles and streamline the shortlisting process, optimizing placement selection with accuracy and ease.

  • Import Students of Other Institutes

    Seamlessly integrate students' data from external institutions, expanding networking opportunities and enriching the placement ecosystem.

  • Student Joining Details

    Simplify the process of collecting and managing student joining information, ensuring smooth transitions from placement selection to onboarding.

  • Placed/Black Listed Students

    Efficiently track and manage the status of placed candidates and blacklisted individuals, ensuring accurate placement records and informed decisions.

  • Placement Statistics

    Gain insightful analytics into placement trends, success rates, and other key metrics, empowering data-driven decisions for continuous improvement

Placement Management Module Process Flow

Simplified Process: Visualizing the Flow of our Placement Management Module

  • 1

    Initiating Placement Season

    Mark the start of placement activities with strategic planning.

  • 2

    Recruiter Onboarding

    Engage recruiters seamlessly, expanding placement opportunities collaboratively.

  • 3

    Job Announcements Begin

    Unveil job roles, igniting student interest in diverse career paths.

  • 4

    Job Configuration

    Tailor job details for precision-matched student applications.

  • 5

    Student Registration Alert

    Notify students to enroll for placements, fostering active participation.

  • 6

    Placement Confirmation

    Record placed students' data, shaping success stories.

  • 7

    Celebrating Achievements

    Extend congratulations to successful candidates, nurturing their career journeys.