Ph.D. Life Cycle Management Module !

The PhD life cycle management module is an integral part of doctoral programs, designed to support and guide students through various stages of their research journey. It typically encompasses stages such as project inception, literature review, proposal development, data collection and analysis, thesis writing, and defense preparation.

GNUMS Ph.D. Life Cycle Management Module

Module Features

The list of different features of the Ph.D. Life Cycle Management module are...

  • Ph.D. Scholar Registration

    Ph.D. Scholar Registration refers to the formal process by which a candidate enrolls and becomes officially associated with a Ph.D. program at a university.

  • Guide Allocation

    Guide allocation in a Ph.D. program refers to the process of assigning a research supervisor to a Ph.D. candidate.

  • DRC/RAC Formation

    The DRC/RAC typically holds regular meetings to discuss the candidate's progress, research findings, and any challenges faced.

  • Course Work Submission

    As part of completing each course, candidates are required to submit assignments, projects, research papers.

  • RAC Schedule

    Pre Synopsis, Viva-voce/Defence, Pre PhD Comprehensive, Colloquium completion certificate, RAC - I to VI

  • Publications

    Publishing research findings is an essential aspect of the Ph.D. journey, and it serves several important purposes.

  • Guide Change Request

    This request can be made for various reasons, such as a shift in research interests, conflicts with the current advisor, etc...

  • Title Change Request

    This request may arise due to a shift in the scope, focus, or direction of the research, making the existing title inaccurate or insufficient to reflect the work's content.

  • RAC Review & Result Management

    RAC review and result management process flow. RAC Formation and Purpose, Regular Progress Reviews, Result Management, Documentation and Reporting, Result Communication, etc..

  • Certificates

    Registration Certificate, Course Work Certificate, Paper Published Certificate, RAC Certificate

Ph.D. Life Cycle Management Module Process Flow

The sequence of operations in the Ph.D. Life Cycle Management Module

  • 1

    Scholar Registration in PhD Program

    The first step of Ph.D. registration involves exploring potential Ph.D. programs and selecting the one that aligns with your research interests and career goals.

  • 2

    Guide allocate to Scholar

    Allocating a guide or advisor to students in a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) program serves several important purposes and benefits the students' academic and research journey in significant ways.

  • 3

    Check List

    While the specific checklist may vary depending on the institution, field of study, and program requirements. Ex: Pre Synopsis, Viva-voce/Defence, Pre PhD Comprehensive, Course Work Completion Certificate, RAC I to VI

  • 4

    Schedule RAC & Generate Result

    Process of RAC meeting Regular Meetings, Communication with Advisor, Selecting Committee Members, Prepare Meeting Materials, Confirmation and Agenda, Conducting the Meeting, Documenting the Meeting, etc..

  • 5

    Course Work

    Coursework in a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) program refers to the set of academic courses that candidates are required to complete as part of their doctoral studies.

  • 6

    Thesis Submission

    Things to watch out for Thesis Submission. Research Completion and Writing, Thesis Format and Guidelines, Thesis Defense Preparation, Submission Process, Defense and Viva Voce, Final Revisions.