OBE Module !

"Welcome to our OBE Module, designed to enhance your educational experience. Explore Course Outcomes (CO), Program Outcomes (PO), and Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) for a comprehensive understanding. Dive into CO-PO Mapping and Average Calculation, as well as CO-PSO Mapping and Average Calculation, to measure your progress effectively. Get insights into your Course OBE Profile and master Attainment Calculation, empowering you to excel in your learning journey."

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

Elevate your educational experience with our cutting-edge OBE Module. Seamlessly integrate Outcome-Based Education to empower learners, driving profound achievements and lasting influence.

  • CO

    Discover Course Outcomes (CO) – your guide to understanding what you'll gain from each course. Our OBE module empowers you with detailed insights into Course Outcomes, helping you excel in your educational journey.

  • PO

    Discover Program Outcomes (PO) – insights that define the broader skills and knowledge you'll gain through our module. Your journey to mastery starts here.

  • PSO

    unique skills and knowledge tailored to your program. Our OBE Module provides valuable insights into PSOs, empowering you with targeted learning outcomes that set you apart.

  • CO-PO

    Efficiently manage Mapping & Average Calculation in our OBE Module. Gain insights into how these tools help you track and measure your progress effortlessly.

  • CO-PSO

    Efficiently map and calculate averages with our intuitive Mapping & Average Calculation tool. Unlock insights into your progress effortlessly through this unique feature, tailored exclusively for our OBE Module.

  • Course OBE Profile

    Your Gateway to Comprehensive Insights. Access valuable information about your Course OBE Profile effortlessly. Elevate your learning journey with targeted data and personalized analysis. Uncover the power of data-driven education today!

  • Attainment Calculation

    Maximize your learning outcomes with our streamlined Attainment Calculation feature. Gain insights into your progress and mastery, empowering your educational journey like never before.

OBE Module Process Flow

Experience the streamlined OBE Module Process Flow, guiding you through a structured journey of Outcome-Based Education. From defining Course Outcomes (CO) to calculating Attainment, our intuitive process ensures a seamless and effective approach to mastering educational objectives.s

  • 1

    Course Outcome

    Define specific learning outcomes for each course, ensuring clarity in educational objectives.

  • 2

    Program Outcome

    Map overarching program goals to your courses, aligning education with broader objectives

  • 3

    Program Specific Outcome

    Tailor outcomes to your program's unique focus, fostering specialized skills and knowledge.

  • 4

    CO-PO Mapping & Average Calculation

    Efficiently link Course Outcomes to Program Outcomes, and calculate averages for comprehensive evaluation.

  • 5

    CO-PSO Mapping & Average Calculation

    Align Course Outcomes with Program Specific Outcomes, facilitating precise measurement of specialized skills.

  • 6

    Course OBE Profile

    Gain a holistic view of each course's educational objectives and outcomes.

  • 7

    Attainment Calculation

    Evaluate your progress through attainment calculations, enabling data-driven insights into your mastery.