Learning Management System Module !

The Learning Management module includes features such as configurable content types, subject allocation, and mapping Co & Bloom's taxonomy etc for enhanced educational planning and assessment.

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

The Learning Management System module has the following features in its list.

  • Subject Allocation

    Subject is allocated by Instructor, Evaluator, Test Manager.

  • Configurable Content Type

    We can include lecture notes, lab exercises, tutorials, videos, and PPT in the course content.

  • Mapping CO & Bloom's Taxonomy With Contents

    The Learning Management module aligns CO with Bloom's Taxonomy to map educational objectives to content efficiently.

  • Feedback On Each Content

    The Learning Management module's content-specific feedback features facilitate interactive learning and continuous improvement.

  • Rating On Each Content

    The Learning Management module incorporates content-specific rating components to expedite the process of evaluating individual items.

  • Student Activity Tracker

    Teachers can improve overall performance by monitoring student involvement with the help of the LMS's Student Activity Tracker.

  • Announcement

    All Student can quickly receive critical updates or messages from the Announcement feature.

  • Notifications

    All staff & student are instantly informed about new activities or updates through notifications in an LMS.

  • Give assignment

    Staff are able to give assignment to specific students, batches, and divisions.

  • Upload Assignment By Student

    Student can able to upload assignmet in the learning management system.

  • Question bank

    Staff can contribute questions for Student in the learning management system.

  • Online Test

    Staff can take examinations, quizzes, and tests digitally with the help of the LMS's online test module.