Internal Assessment Module !

The Internal Assessment feature empowers educators to create diverse assessment types like projects, presentations, and coursework evaluations. It offers streamlined grading optimizing the assessment process for thorough student evaluation

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

The Internal Assessment module has the following features in its list.

  • Setup IA

    IA can be create Program Wise, Branch wise, Branch wise Semester wise and Program Wise Semester wise.

  • Coordinator Appointment

    For diffrent Internal Assessment Appoint Diffrent Coordinator for manage that IA Properly and accuratly.

  • IA Schedule

    Internal Assessment can schedule by Internal Assessment Coordinator.

  • Subject Auto posting

    Student Subject Auto posting from Timetable & Roll Call.

  • Practical Exam Batch Creation

    In Internal Assessment we can create practical exam batch and also allocate students to that particular batch.

  • Course Coordinator appointment

    Subject/Course coordinator appoint Manual or Auto allocation based on timetable in Internal Assessment.

  • Marks Entry

    Internal Assessment Marks Entry will be completed by Subject/Course Coordinator.

  • Configurable Marks Locking Hierarchy

    IA marks locking hierarchy is Configurable. E.x subject/ course coordinator lock first and HOD will verify the mark and lock the mark.

  • Final IA Marks Calculation based on different formula

    Final IA Marks Calculation based on different formula for university examination. E.x Simple Average,Average of Best of N and Sum & Reduce.

  • Publish IA marks to students

    Student can able to see their marks of Internal Assessment after published.

  • Intimation to Parents about IA Result

    Parents will receive information about their IA results by email or text message.