Hostel Management Module !

The Hostel Management System is a software system built primarily to assist hostel administrators and managers in managing the many parts of a hostel in an efficient manner. This system automates and streamlines a variety of operations, making reservations, room allocation, billing, communication, inventory management, and other administrative functions easier to manage.

GNUMS Hostel Module

Module Features

It includes various features like Hostel Setup, Rector Allocation, Registration & Approval of Boarders, Fees Collection & Management of Boarders, Bed Allocation as per the availability & preference, Attendance Management, Complaint Management, etc..

  • Creation & Setup
    of Hostel

    This feature involves setting up the hostel details in the system, such as the number of rooms, room types, facilities offered, staff details, and other essential configuration.

  • Rector

    It includes assigning rectors or hostel wardens to specific sections or floors of the hostel, responsible for overseeing the well-being and discipline of boarders in their designated areas.

  • Registration & Approval of Boarders

    This feature allows the hostel administration to register new boarders, capture their personal information, and manage the approval process.

  • Hostel Management GNUMS
    Bed Allocation as per Availability & Preference

    It ensures that boarders are allocated beds or rooms based on their preferences (if available) while also considering the overall availability and occupancy of the hostel.

  • Hostel / Room / Bed Transfer

    It handles the process of transferring a boarder from one hostel, room, or bed to another within the accommodation facility while ensuring that any previously paid fees or dues are appropriately settled.

  • Bed Interchange

    This feature facilitates boarders to request and execute bed exchanges with other boarders who are on the same fee plan or room type resulting in boarder satisfaction, facilitating roommate adjustments, and ensuring efficient bed utilization.

  • Fees Collection & Management

    It includes creation & assignment of fee plan to boarders, generating invoices, tracking payments, providing fee details to boarders and parents, and handling any fee-related queries.

  • Attendance Management

    It helps hostel administrators efficiently track and manage the attendance of boarders. It includes biometric daily Check-In/Check-Out using biometric scanners

  • Leave & GatePass Management

    It permits boarders to request leave from the hostel, which is then approved or denied by their respective rectors. When leave is accepted, a GatePass is generated.

  • Complaint

    It allows boarders to post complaints and maintenance requests, enabling hostel management to conveniently assign, prioritize, and track issues.

  • Notifications &

    Automated notifications & alerts to boarders & administration for events like registration, fee payment, marked absent, applying for leave, approval/rejection of leave, etc.

  • Reports &

    It gives managers detailed insights and data-driven information on all elements of hostel operations. This feature offers data visualisation, reporting, and analysis.

Hostel Management Module Process Flow

It begins with the creation of a hostel, followed by boarder registration, hostel selection, fee payment, bed allocation, and lastly daily hostel operations such as attendance management, leave and gatepass management, and complaint management.

  • 1

    Hostel Creation & Setup

    Creating a hostel by customising the floor, rooms, and beds based on the sorts of rooms and beds offered by the hostel.

  • 2

    Boarder Registration

    Boarders submit a request for accommodation in hostels by providing information such as contact information, residential information, and so on.

  • 3

    Hostel & RoomType Selection

    Boarders may submit an application for a hostel based on their preferences, and the Hostel Administration approves or rejects the request based on availability.

  • 4

    Fees Payment

    Boarders must then pay fees online or offline, as appropriate, in order to secure a bed in the chosen hostel.

  • 5

    Bed Allocation

    After paying the fees, the Rectors of the respective hostel allocate beds to boarders based on availability and choice.

  • 6

    Daily Hostel Operations

    After successfully getting a bed, boarders are eligible for daily hostel operations such as attendance, lodging complaints, requesting leave, and so on.