HR & Payroll Module !

Effortlessly integrates onboarding, attendance, leave, and payroll seamlessly, crafting a unified HR operation. This synergy ensures accurate compensation, tax adherence, and agile workforce management, while enhancing efficiency and employee satisfaction through timely rewards. It optimizes processes, saving time and minimizing manual tasks, resulting in a harmonious HR orchestration that resonates with organizational success.

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

Seamlessly weaving onboarding, attendance, leave, and payroll, it forges a unified HR process that ensures precision, compliance, and enhanced efficiency, nurturing employee satisfaction and organizational triumph.

  • Embark on Academic Excellence

    Uncover a Effortless Talent Management within Our University Software's Enriching Job Openings Feature.

  • Symphony of Progress

    Seamlessly Monitor and Elevate Candidate Journeys with our Intuitive Application Tracking Feature.

  • Embodied Empowerment

    The Staff Profile Management Feature Curates and Elevates Human Narratives with Aesthetic Precision.

  • Sculpting Progress over Time

    Our Time-to-Time Service Book Updates Feature Weaves Progress with Consistency and Precision.

  • Reflections of Growth

    Our Self-Appraisal Form (UGC CAS/Dynamic) Feature Facilitates Comprehensive Self-Assessment with Utmost Precision.

  • Precision in Time Management

    Introducing our Configurable Shift Timing Feature, facilitating tailored scheduling for seamless organizational management.

  • Versatile Attendance Tracking

    Seamlessly Monitor Attendance through Biometric and Manual Options.

  • Unlocking Attendance Insights

    Access Monthly Attendance Reports for Informed Decision-Making.

  • Empowering Leave Management

    Introducing the Configurable and Dynamic Leave Policy & Rules Feature for Agile Organizational Policies.

  • Streamlined Leave Workflow

    Seamlessly Administer Requests, Gains Approvals, and Ensure Authorizations for Enhanced Operational Streamlining.

  • Tailored Compensation Management

    Seamlessly Configure Staff-Wise Compensation Arrangement for Precision Remuneration.

  • Streamlined Payroll Workflow

    Seamlessly Automated Attendance and Leave Synchronization with Locking for Effortless Payroll Operations.

  • Enhanced Financial Governance

    Introducing an Integrated Feature Encompassing Income Tax Declaration, Automatic TDC Deduction, Loan & EMI Deduction, and Arrears Management, Ensuring Comprehensive Fiscal Compliance.

  • Comprehensive Financial Documentation

    Presenting the Feature for Pay Slip and Salary Statement Generation, Facilitating Comprehensive Documentation for Seamless Banking and Filing Processes.

  • Optimized Resignation Management

    Introducing the Resignation Management Software Feature, Facilitating Thoughtful and Efficient Employee Departures.

  • Seamless Closure Experience

    Presenting the Feature for Online No Due Approval and Full & Final Settlement, Enhancing Employee Departures with Effortless Precision.

HR & Payroll Module Process Flow

From recruitment and onboarding, through Attendance and Leave Management, Payroll operations, to resignation handling, the process flow inculcates the entire employee journey.

  • 1

    Recruitment & Onboarding

    Recruiting and onboarding staff involves identifying talent, evaluating candidates, and seamlessly integrating new members into the organization's culture.

  • 2

    Profile Management

    Efficiently manage staff profiles by seamlessly capturing and organizing essential information for streamlined administration.

  • 3

    Attendance Monitoring

    Systematic data collection, integration, and analysis to ensure accurate tracking and optimize workforce efficiency.

  • 4

    Leave Allocation

    Allocate and manage leave balances effectively, ensuring accurate and transparent leave tracking.

  • 5

    Leave Operations

    Leave Operations encompass the seamless process of requesting and approving time off for effective workforce management.

  • 6

    Configure Salary Structure

    Configure and allocate salary structures with precision, ensuring accurate compensation management and administration.

  • 7

    Salary Generation

    Execute precise salary calculations and disbursements, ensuring accurate compensation for employees.

  • 8

    Analytical Report Generation

    Analytical Salary Report Generation involves compiling and analyzing compensation data to extract meaningful insights for informed decision-making.

  • 9

    Resignation Operations

    Resignation Application and Approval involves the formal submission and review process for employee departures while ensuring a smooth transition.