Feedback Management Module !

Empower collaboration and growth with our Feedback Module. Gather candid insights from students and faculty to drive continuous improvement. Customize surveys, ensure anonymity, and transform feedback into actionable enhancements, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

GNUMS Feedback Module

Module Features

The list of different features of the feedback module are...

  • Various Feedback Forms

    Empower stakeholders with diverse feedback forms like Generic, Academic Feedback (Staff, Subject, Staff-Subject), Staff(180, 360, 540, 720), Project feedback.

  • Schedule Feedback Activation

    Activate feedback collection strategically & Set up timely surveys to gather valuable input from students and faculty, enabling targeted improvements and enhancing the educational experience.

  • Dynamic Questions, Parameters & Grades

    Create dynamic feedback experiences & Customize questions, parameters, and grading scales to collect specific insights, enabling a nuanced understanding of opinions and facilitating data-driven enhancements.

  • Pending Feedback Notification

    Stay on top of feedback with "Pending Feedback Notification." Receive alerts for pending surveys, ensuring timely engagement and maximizing participation to gather comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

  • Feedback Filling

    Effortlessly provide feedback through "Feedback Filling." Easily navigate through surveys, share insights on courses, faculty, and facilities, contributing to a culture of improvement and collaboration within the institution.

  • Graphical Feedback Analysis

    Visualize insights effectively with "Graphical Feedback Analysis." Transform feedback data into meaningful charts and graphs, facilitating clear interpretation of trends and enabling administrators to make data-driven decisions for continuous enhancement.

The sequence of operations in the Fee Module

  • 1

    Feedback Configuration

    Effortlessly configure feedback parameters and templates & tailoring the feedback collection process to your institution's needs.

  • 2

    Feedback Activation

    Activate feedback collection strategically & ensuring timely surveys to gather valuable insights and drive continuous improvement across your institution.

  • 3

    Feedback Posting & Locking

    Efficiently manage feedback cycles & Seamlessly designate participants, control access to surveys, and lock submissions, enhancing the feedback process's organization and integrity.

  • 4

    Feedback Filling

    Engage in valuable feedback sharing & Contribute insights, opinions, and suggestions on various aspects, fostering a collaborative environment that drives continual growth and refinement.

  • 5

    Feedback Processing & Publishing

    Process and share feedback insights seamlessly & Analyze collected data and publish meaningful reports, enabling actionable improvements while promoting transparency and accountability.

  • 6

    Feedback Review & Analysis

    Conduct thorough feedback review and analysis with our feature. Evaluate collected insights, identify trends, and gain actionable intelligence for informed decision-making and continual enhancement.