Exam Management Module !

Presenting our Exam Management Module – a sophisticated solution designed to elevate educational assessment procedures. Seamlessly create, schedule, and conduct exams while ensuring integrity. Effortlessly generate insightful reports, analyze performance metrics, and provide a secure, user-friendly experience, redefining excellence in academic evaluations.

GNUMS Fee Module

Module Features

The list of different features of the Exam module are...

  • University Pre. Exam

    Exam Rules & Regulations Configurations, Appointment & Approval of Paper Setter, Examiner, Reviewer as per UGC Norms, Course Exemption & Equivalency, Eligibility Generation, Admit Card Generation & Locking, Block Arrangement & Barcode, Viva-Practical Schedule,Stationary Management

  • University During Exam

    Random Question Paper Selection,
    Emergency Barcode
    Squad & Observer Allocation & Reporting
    Question Paper Reviewer Reporting
    Today’s Exam Monitoring

  • University Post Exam

    Paper Assessment, Paper Allotment & Checking, DVS Integration, Result Analysis, Automatic & Manual Gracing, Result Generation, Hold & Announcement, Paper Rechecking / Reassessment / Revaluation, Remuneration Bill Generation, UFM/Malpractice Hearing & Action

  • Institute Pre-Exam

    Filling of Exam Form, Attendance Submission, Appointment of Course Coordinator, Internal Marks Entry & Lock, Blocks Arrangement, Attendance Sheet, Duty Allocation of Invigilator/Supervisor, Class Room Allotment , Admit Card Printing

  • Institute During Exam

    Download Question Paper(OTP Authentication), Emergency Barcode Printing, Mark Absent Students, Biometric Exam Attendance, UFM/Malpractice Reporting, Stationary Management, Viva/Practical Exam

  • Reports

    Theory/Practical Exam Schedule, Exam Form, Admit Card, Block Arrangement, Daily Report, Result Sheet, Grade Register, Final Mark sheet, Transcript, Provisional Degree Certificate, Degree Certificate, NAD Excel, MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation), NEP Exit Certificate

Exam Management Module Process Flow

The sequence of operations in the Exam Module

  • 1

    Exam Creation

    Academic year wise, Program wise, Exam Type wise, Semester wise Exam Creation.

  • 2

    Course Allocation

    Automated Exam wise Course Allocation.

  • 3

    Schedule Exam

    Allocate Resources, Set Date, Notify Participants, Conduct Exams.

  • 4

    Lock Exam Data

    Internal Mark, Exam Form, Exam Schedule and Resources.

  • 5

    Admit Card & Block Arrangement

    Generate admit cards for eligible candidates and create organized seating arrangements for efficient exam administration.

  • 6

    Result Generation

    Result Analysis, calculate scores and validate results.

  • 7


    Initiate rechecking and reassessment by accepting requests, reevaluate exam answers, verify grading accuracy, and provide revised scores.

  • 8


    Addressing Unfair Means (UFM) involves investigating breaches of exam integrity, implementing corrective measures, and ensuring academic fairness.