Event Management Module !

Effortlessly orchestrate and elevate events with our ERP's Event Management Module—seamless planning, smooth execution, and memorable experiences.

GNUMS Event Module

Module Features

Streamline Events: Our ERP's Event Management Module offers seamless planning, registration, scheduling, and coordination for unforgettable experiences.

  • Event Creation

    Easily create and set up new Group/Solo events with essential details.

  • Registrations & Payment

    Enable attendees to register themselves & pay the registration fees Online as well as Offline.

  • Customization

    Tailor event details, branding, and communication to match your organization's identity.

  • Attendee Management

    Track and manage attendee information, preferences, and communication.

  • Speaker and Guest Management

    Manage speaker profiles, guest lists, and invitations. Remuneration for Speaker/Guest.

  • External Registration Portal

    Provide an external-facing registration portal for participants, partners, and sponsors.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Integrate secure payment gateways to process registrations and payments externally.

  • Budget Tracking

    Set event budgets, allocate funds to various categories, and monitor expenses in real-time.

  • Revenue Tracking

    Monitor registration and ticket sales revenue in a centralized dashboard.

  • Sponsorship Source Management

    Track funding sources and manage financial contributions from sponsors.

Event Management Module Process Flow

From seamless registration and budgeting to revenue tracking and success analysis, our Event Management Module simplifies every event's journey.

  • 1

    Event Planning and Setup

    Define event objectives, target audience, and goals. Set event date, time, and venue. Create event budget, allocate funds, and set financial goals.

  • 2

    External Registration and Promotion

    Design and launch an external registration portal. Promote the event through marketing campaigns, social media, and email.

  • 3

    Attendee Registration

    Participants visit the registration portal, provide information, and select ticket types. Integration with payment gateway enables secure online payment.

  • 4

    Sponsorship and Exhibitor Management

    Create sponsorship packages and exhibitor options. Manage sponsor agreements, booth assignments, and deliverables.

  • 5

    Budget Management

    Allocate funds to various event components (venue, marketing, catering, etc.). Track expenses and monitor budget utilization.

  • 6

    Event Conclusion and Reporting

    Close the event, complete financial reconciliations, and finalize expenses. Generate comprehensive post-event reports and analysis.